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Survival in an economy of purpose

Ynzo van Zanten

The last decade, Ynzo van Zanten was Chief Evangelist and Head of People & Culture of the leading Dutch impact brand Tony’s Chocolonely. Ynzo speaks with great passion about purposeful entrepreneurship and how to effectively communicate about your purpose as a company.

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Specialist Subjects

1. Anti-social entrepreneurship

…rather than social entrepreneurship. How do you take your moral obligation seriously when it comes to making an impact in society and the world? Ynzo explains how financial success and impact making are not opposing forces, but how they can actually reinforce each other.

2. Growing in a dissatisfied world

Wherever you look, everything has to grow. Because only then do you seem to be successful. But aren’t we growing ourselves to death inside? Whether it’s about the economy, your HR policies, sustainability or your “purpose”; maybe you’d better look at profit minimization as a goal. Because the world is beginning to show stretchmarks. Does growth have to be so sacred in everything we do? Is everyone equally ‘entitled’ to growth?

3. Culture and people, or as we used to call it; Human Resources. Bah.

How do you put your own team first, and why is that going to make the decisive difference for your organization? How does HR become leading in your business, when at the same time you should be killing that term? Focus, focus, focus. Focus on meaning, focus on your service or product, and above all focus on the most engaged and passionate team. And you won’t achieve that (only) with free chocolate.

4. Meaningful entrepreneurship

What does that really mean? As an entrepreneur, how do you claim your place in a rapidly changing playing field? How do you make sure you don’t fall into the purpose trap? How do you ensure actual impact instead of empty promises? New leadership’ is a term often heard, but not often given the right interpretation. Ynzo talks with passion, and interspersed with examples, about his vision on this theme.


The “Fear of Missing Purpose” is raging through the business landscape like a storm. All out on the moor to find your purpose and market it. Right? Or should it be just the other way around? Companies are jumping on the ‘purpose’ train, but lose sight of what their customer is actually looking for; to become a better version of themselves. Your customers don’t buy what you stand for or what you make, they buy who you can help them become. And for that you need to get the human touch back into your strategy.

6. Lessons learned

Ynzo has several decades of experience in a number of leading companies such as Tony’s Chocolonely and innocent drinks. He likes to tell entrepreneurs and interested parties about the lessons he has learned during that time, and does not hesitate to talk about all the mistakes he has made himself. Because in the end, it’s all trial and error.



"We need more people like Ynzo"

"Ynzo is one of the best guest speakers I have ever experienced. His energy and passion spread to every single participant in the room. Further, Ynzo managed to leave all of us with a strong reminder ...

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Carl-Johan Herslow, Senior Management Consultant from Implement Consulting Group
"Ynzo is the most energetic, passionate and inspiring speaker I’ve ever worked with"

"Ynzo is the most energetic, passionate and inspiring speaker I’ve ever worked with. I salute you for your tenacity of purpose and outstanding leadership qualities. Thanks for opening my and many ...

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Madoka Abe, Production Manager from APAC Summits marcusevans

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