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Leadership & AI Transformation

Ymke de Jong

Ymke de Jong is an experienced keynote speaker at AI conferences. Her leadership and vision have made her a respected voice in boardrooms and on stage, with a specific focus on leveraging data and AI technology.

Chairman,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker
Chairman,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

“I believe AI has demonstrated its potential to bring about rapid improvements, which is a promising prospect,” said Ymke. “Data is growing everywhere, and my belief is this technology will play a pivotal role in addressing our current pressing societal challenges, ultimately making those technical solutions accessible to all.” With her extensive experience, Ymke have seen several bottlenecks on scaling AI strategies in organizations, small and large. With her background, she is eager to discuss where AI can help and where AI is not the right solution. AI cannot solve everything, everywhere, anytime!

2. No AI without Data

Why data strategy should be an executive discussion

Data strategy is a crucial business decision that transcends technical discussions. Ymke highlights the essential role of executive leadership in crafting scalable data strategies to drive successful AI initiatives. Understand why the absence of a solid data strategy hampers the scalability of new business creation and why ethical considerations must be a strategic priority, beyond mere compliance with data and AI laws. Discover how a proper data strategy is decided in the boardroom and only than can unlock the full potential of AI for your organization.

3. Digital Transformation: why people are the real key!

Data science and AI are frequently portrayed as technical fields, but to really have impact, they encompass a multidisciplinary expertise. It’s not only about the perfect algorithm. It needs to be implemented, adopted, trusted and embraced by the people who will potentially use the digital innovations and it has to be developed and deployed in a sustainable, responsible and compliant way. It shows more and more that the people are the real key to unlock digital transformation!

4. It’s a team-sport: unlocking the digital transformation in healthcare

Healthcare providers face an unsustainable burden, while patient expectations of healthcare are changing. In the same time, the amount of healthcare data is growing exponentially and AI can help us providing insights out of this data and help solve the current challenges in healthcare & wellbeing. However, we do see limited AI solutions being implemented and adopted in healthcare. With her experience, Ymkewill discuss the challenges of scaling data&AI solutions in healthcare& wellbeing and how we can work together to solve these challenges. It is a teamsport!

5.   Inclusion & Diversity
6.   Investing in AI
7.   Responsible AI


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