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Google's Top-rated Futurist

Thomas Frey

"The greatest value in understanding the future comes from spotting the major cultural, demographic, societal, and economic shifts early and translating them into viable business strategies"

Conference,Keynote Speaker,Panel
Conference,Keynote Speaker,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Unleasing the future: future of innovation and the converging forces of change.
2.   Teacher-less education, driver-less cars & worker-less businesses: a battle waged between the needs of the present and the forces of the future.
3.   Future libraries and the four crossroads of change.
4.   The evolution of work – 2 billion jobs to disappear by 2030.
5.   The city of the future.
6.   Rethinking transportation in the age of extreme mobility.
7.   When ivory towers fall: the emerging education marketplace.
8.   The future of agriculture: soon to become the coolest profession on earth.

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