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Awardwinning war photographer, author and anthropologist

Teun Voeten

As a war photographer, anthropologist, researcher and author, Voeten is passionate to explore la condition humaine, by all means necessary. And he is good at telling you what he found.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop
Keynote Speaker,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Cultural anthropology
2.   Poverty
3.   Homelessness
4.   Conflict
5.   War
6.   Hybrid warfare
7.   Migration
8.   Security
9.   Drug violence
10.   Mexico
11.   Media
12.   ISIS
13.   War photography
14.   Terrorism
15.   Organised Crime
16.   Narcocapitalism


Nancy Hunt, President

"As president of the We Are Family Foundation, I have known Teun Voeten since 2003 as a colleague and a friend. On many occasions, Teun has lent his talent as a photographer to our foundation over ...

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Nancy Hunt, President from We Are Family Foundation
Steven Latham

"In 2006, I introduced him as a guest speaker at LAIP, Los Angeles Inspiration Project, a TED-like event where artists, scientists, visionaries and policymakers gather to give a presentation of their ...

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Steven Latham from Steven Latham Productions

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