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Awardwinning war photographer, author and anthropologist

Teun Voeten

As a war photographer, anthropologist, researcher and author, Voeten is passionate to explore la condition humaine, by all means necessary. And he is good at telling you what he found.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop
Keynote Speaker,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1. Cultural anthropology, Science

Voeten is not an armchair anthropologist that doesn’t venture outside his office, but he explores the unsavoury and dangerous sides of society where he actively interacts with marginalised segments of the population.

2. War, conflict, Hybrid Warfare, Security

Since 1990, Voeten has been reporting from war zones on all continents. From the small, forgotten war in Africa to the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the current war in Ukraine, Voeten talks about the unique dynamic of each conflict.

3. Poverty, Homelessness, Addiction

In the 1990s, Voeten lived for five months with a colony of underground, crack addicted homeless in tunnel in New York. He continues to report from urban no-go zones where drugs, poverty and addiction are rife.

4. Organised Crime and Mexican Drug Violence

After his PhD research into the Mexican Drug Violence, Voeten was commissioned by the city of Antwerp to research drug related crime in this port city and the relation with the Netherlands which is, according to Voeten, a narco state light.

5. War Photography, Media, Fake News

Truth is the first casualty in war. Pure objectivity is impossible. After 35 years as a war reporter, Voeten has explored the twilight zone where incorrect facts, fake news, propaganda, manipulation and pure lies come together.

6. Narcocapitalism

Voeten interprets drugs cartels as ultimate hyper capitalist corporations and explains how they function like legit business. He also explains how drugs facilitate and sustain a ruthless neoliberal system.

7. Terrorism, ISIS

Voeten lived for 9 years in Molenbeek, the community in Brussels that was the cradle of the Islamic terrorists who carried out the 2015 Paris and Brussels attacks. He also visited in Iraq and Syria the frontlines in the war agains ISIS.


Steven Latham

"In 2006, I introduced him as a guest speaker at LAIP, Los Angeles Inspiration Project, a TED-like event where artists, scientists, visionaries and policymakers gather to give a presentation of their ...

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Steven Latham from Steven Latham Productions
Nancy Hunt, President

"As president of the We Are Family Foundation, I have known Teun Voeten since 2003 as a colleague and a friend. On many occasions, Teun has lent his talent as a photographer to our foundation over ...

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Nancy Hunt, President from We Are Family Foundation

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