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Suze Gehem

Suze Gehem is keynote speaker, entrepreneur and innovator. She received the title of "sustainable construction woman of the year" because of her company De Groene Grachten, that works at making historical buildings sustainable. Her motto: "Creating impact starts with a good story."

Chairperson,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Moderator,Presenter
Chairperson,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Moderator,Presenter,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Sustainable entrepreneurship: from mission to impact: “If a century old building can become sustainable, it can be done anywhere”
2.   Sustainable leadership: about personal motivation, strong ambitions and 'purpose in practice'
3.   Energy transition and sustainability of existing buildings
4.   Nature and biodiversity in urban areas
5.   Transformation through storytelling: “Creating an impact starts with a good story”
6.   Facilitator, presenter, chairwoman for future-oriented, sustainable events.

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