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"Ideas Man", entrepreneur, author and performer

Sheridan Simove

Shed Simove is an entrepreneur, author and corporate speaker. His areas of expertise are CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and IDEAS GENERATION. Following a degree in Experimental Psychology at Balliol College, Oxford, and two years working in Disney World, Florida (as a Sixteenth Century Gentleman), Shed ...


Specialist Subjects

1.   Creativity
2.   “Ideas Man
3.   Inspiration
4.   Successful ideas
5.   Motivation


Elliot Wilson

“Shed - I’ve never met a character like him. His can-do attitude and tenacity is an example to us all…He’s incredibly enthusiastic, getting involved with every stage of the event from ...

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Elliot Wilson from MD, Elmwood
Paul Matthews, Press Officer

"I invited Shed to come and visit the Unilever UK & Ireland communications team to share with us some of the thought processes and "tricks of the trade" he uses to come up with great ideas. The ...

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Paul Matthews, Press Officer from Unilever UK & Ireland
Desigan Chinniah

“‘Less talk and more action’ is the name of Shed’s game as he goes through countless number of practical tips on idea generation, and how to execute them as well. There are thousands of ideas ...

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Desigan Chinniah from eBay UK
Paul Alexander

“Over and above my own expectations and desires from Shed’s presentation, the feedback from the business has been a huge amount of respect for Shed having the passion and tenacity to see an idea ...

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Paul Alexander from CEO, Beyond Analysis
Andy Wiggins

“Our commercial team spent a highly amusing and thought provoking evening listening to some of Shed’s real life journeys from mad idea to commercial product. This has caused a real buzz in the ...

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Andy Wiggins from Group Innovation Director, B&Q
Paul Scrase

“Genius! Shed has captured his creative steps and delivers them with passionate, understandable and hilarious stories of his successes (and failures). Shed and his products are brilliant at ...

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Paul Scrase from Truth Consulting on behalf of SONY UK

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