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The most notorious Trans-Ocean Race, in the smallest racing yachts, as the oldest participant.

Robert Rosen Jacobson

WhoRosen Jacobson is an adventurist in its purest form, who has learned what it means to solve most of the challenging problems. He finished in October 2009 as 7th of the 211 so called “coureurs” in the Class Mini year ranking. Despite only a preparation, training, qualification time of 11 ...

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   You must be crazy! Professional Trans-Atlantic Solo racing in a Transat 6.50.
2.   Extreme. Why this much extreme? What does it bring you to live so basic, so primitive, so dangerous during 4 weeks on two Oceans?
3.   Project. The setup and organization of an intensive, intense and complex project/campaign.
4.   Strategy and tactics on board. Simulation, preparation, decisions and implementation.
5.   Management. Effectively decision making on board.
6.   Decision making. (on board, on your own?). Balance, supported and lived up to, by the people involved. It all counts here. Why and how to realize that?
7.   Confrontation with yourself in the deepest core of your bones. What does that mean.
8.   Life lessons as a result of the conquered North- and South-Atlantic Oceans on your own, on a very small boat.
9.   Optimal! The why and how of not a maximum life, but the optimum life. The only way to survive and to reach (properly) your goal.
10.   Here and Now! Its value, significance and its purpose of a life here and now!
11.   Personal. The personal reasons, execution and the results of the project and a window into the future.
12.   Survival, how? What do you need to survive, in mental, spiritual and in physical sense.
13.   Harmonizing with the surroundings. The how, what and why and the emergency to live in balance with and synchronized within your environment.
14.   Team, adherence, spirit. Requisite necessity for a most successful team. Energy, spirit.
15.   Afraid, Apprehension, uncertainty. Significance, inter relation, recognition and to learn to handle these all people issues. Solitude and loneliness. How to overcome supposed threads?
16.   Sustainable solutions. Back to the core. Borders of solubility. Identification and how to act.
17.   Semblance of solution. Blame of the other and optimal solution do not go together. Waste of time.
18.   Realizing dreams. How to?
19.   Simulation and the learning process. The benefit, the nonsense and the use of decision-making- and simulation programs.
20.   Attitude. How to value people? Knowledge, skills, attitude.
21.   Preparedness. Preparation, one most important contribution to the success of a project. How?
22.   Meaning of life in an unstable situation. How do you still reach your goal in such circumstances.
23.   Get your goal! The 5 pillars.

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