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A philosopher who makes you think

dr. Rob Docters van Leeuwen

“Fame, William Blake believed, is unnecessary to the man of genius. Blake took the healthy view... that he lacked nothing that he really needed.”Dr. Rob Docters van Leeuwen’s lectures aim at new perspectives, meaningful reflection, revaluation and effective action.What do I really want?How do ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Effective communication by plugging into archetypes! Curious?
2.   Responsible use of cyberspace and information technology
3.   Responsible integration of computers and robots in education
4.   Daily life, the Akashic Field and your Self
5.   How do you create a Spiritual Garden?
6.   Mandalas and spirituele tuinen: gates to insight and right understanding

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