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Great Opportunities

René Boender

Some people call him a "Brand booster". Others call him a "Brain agent", or a "Creator". But even more significantly, all of them call him "Visionary" René; Boender's professional domain is the world. He has spread his magic seeds of wisdom and humour from Orlando to Perth, New York to Cape Town, ...

Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel
Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel,



Professor Dickson Despommier

"René, You have the gift of insight into science and human behaviour and a great sense of humour to go with it. A very rare combination! I would be honoured to share the stage with you again, ...

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Professor Dickson Despommier from Columbia University at We?ll2013
Sergio Barbarino, Principal Engineer

"René. You have done an amazing job. Thank you for your great help! You have really inspired us."

Sergio Barbarino, Principal Engineer from Procter & Gamble R&D
Andres Jõesaar, Head of content services Tele2 Eesti AS

"René, thank you once more for the very good emotional and inspiring presentation you made at Pärnu Juhtimiskonverentsid. This was like a fresh air and bright light into the old conservative ...

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Andres Jõesaar, Head of content services Tele2 Eesti AS
Stanley K.

It's easy to get impatient on your quest to be the best. After reading Great to Cool and visiting René’s keynote, I felt pumped up and ready for action! And then you wake up the next morning and ...

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Stanley K.
Charlie Bell

"He makes the sun shine out of the mud. Let rain feel as liquid sunshine. He can make you fly. Not only for a moment. His voice is felt throughout the company for a long time. Wow... what a ...

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Charlie Bell from McDonalds
Dex Donovan

Dear René, It was a big surprise to have you as a keynote performer. Great to Cool is really written for performance. And engineered for success. Unlike most management books, Great to Cool (and ...

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Dex Donovan from Barcelona Innovation Event
prof. dr. Gregory Briggs

"If you want to discover how to build world beating innovations and brands, you have to follow René Boender‘s groundbreaking keynote! It’s challenging, creative, energetic, fun, rigorous but ...

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prof. dr. Gregory Briggs from Harvard Summer Summit
Peter Doodeman, CEO & President

"He puts your company upside down and up again. René makes difficult easy... it’s the fast track to get more success and innovations."

Peter Doodeman, CEO & President from Sara Lee Foods AMEA
Professor A. Tsuroka

"Dear Mr. Boender, on behave off all the attendees at the innovation summit, we like to thank you for your energy and innovation insights. It was beyond our expectations. We are honoured to tell you ...

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Professor A. Tsuroka from Japan Innovation Summit

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