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Great Opportunities

René Boender

Some people call him a "Brand booster". Others call him a "Brain agent", or a "Creator". But even more significantly, all of them call him "Visionary" René; Boender's professional domain is the...

Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel


Great to Cool - René C.W. Boender - USA TRAILER | By The Story of Brent

Great to Cool - René C.W. Boender - USA TRAILER | By The Story of Brent

Trailer René C.W. Boender - The World Is Changing. How About You? - by

Trailer René C.W. Boender - The World Is Changing. How About You? - by


Sergio Barbarino, Principal Engineer

"René. You have done an amazing job. Thank you for your great help! You have really inspired us."

Sergio Barbarino, Principal Engineerfrom Procter & Gamble R&D
Professor A. Tsuroka

"Dear Mr. Boender, on behave off all the attendees at the innovation summit, we like to thank you for your energy and innovation insights. It was beyond our expectations. We are honoured to tell you ...

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Professor A. Tsurokafrom Japan Innovation Summit
Professor Dickson Despommier

"René, You have the gift of insight into science and human behaviour and a great sense of humour to go with it. A very rare combination! I would be honoured to share the stage with you again,...

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Professor Dickson Despommierfrom Columbia University at We?ll2013
Stanley K.

It's easy to get impatient on your quest to be the best. After reading Great to Cool and visiting René’s keynote, I felt pumped up and ready for action! And then you wake up the next morning and...

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Stanley K.from
David E. Karr, President Comfortaire Corporation

"I want to thank you for the time, energy and creativity that you shared with us! I will admit that when my team said they had met a marketing “guru” and wanted to bring him to Greenville, I was...

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David E. Karr, President Comfortaire Corporationfrom Greenville
Charlie Bell

"He makes the sun shine out of the mud. Let rain feel as liquid sunshine. He can make you fly. Not only for a moment. His voice is felt throughout the company for a long time. Wow... what a...

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Charlie Bellfrom McDonalds
Peter Doodeman, CEO & President

"He puts your company upside down and up again. René makes difficult easy... it’s the fast track to get more success and innovations."

Peter Doodeman, CEO & Presidentfrom Sara Lee Foods AMEA
Emily de Jong-Elhage

"René Boender inspires and affirms you with his intelligence, authenticity, positive humour, depth and most of all compassion. He makes difficult issues easy to understand! And spreads his insights...

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Emily de Jong-Elhagefrom Minister President Nederlandse Antillen
Carolynne Griffith

"I want to say 'Thank You Thank You Thank you' so much for a 'cliff hanger' of a presentation at the Marriott on March 25. You received all 5 star ratings from the producers who filled in their...

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Carolynne Griffithfrom Egg Farmers of Ontario

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