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The human factor in your organization

dr. Paul Radde

Dr. Paul Radde is a psychologist; an executive Consultant, a coach and corporate trainer; adult educator; organizational development consultant; author; keynote speaker. Among his diverse professional experience are: private practice, executive consultant, leadership development and change ...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Seminar: Thrival: Sustaining the Positive Charge of Success
2.   Seminar: Creating Self-Managing Employees
3.   Seminar: Improving Employee Performance
4.   Seminar: How to Influence Decision Makers: Sell Your Ideas, Projects, Programs
5.   Seminar: Ensure Retention- Optimize the Work Environment - Create a Healing Organisation
6.   Seminar: Collaboration for Productive Team Building
7.   Seminar: Stress Management
8.   Seminar: Develop Response-Agility
9.   Seminar: Optimize the Learning Environment - Audience Centred Seating
10.   Seminar: Appreciating the Highly Sensitive Person
11.   Seminar: Leadership: A Basis for Managers, Supervisors, Volunteers
12.   Seminar: Side-by-Side Relating - contact for descriptions
13.   Seminar: Zap-Proof Communication- contact for descriptions
14.   Morale boosting
15.   Succession planning
16.   Strategic planning
17.   Mission synthesis
18.   Accumulated issues
19.   Team and skill building

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