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Automotive | Product designer | Coachbuilding

Niels van Roij

Niels van Roij runs an award-winning and eponymous automotive design studio, which specializes in coachbuilding: designing and building completely custom made cars.

Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker
Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Strategic design for doubling your sales!

Car designer Niels van Roij discusses, on the basis of concrete examples from the car industry, how the sales of your organization can be boosted to great heights. With the right design strategy, sales can even be doubled!

2. Improving the world invisibly through inclusive design

Inclusive Design is used to achieve inclusiveness for all diversity in this world: the best products and services, from stairs to scissors. Without stigmatizing, how do you shape your improved service or product so that everyone – from the demented elderly to the disabled – become your customer?

3. The strategy of seduction

People are irrational: design is the number one reason for purchasing a car worldwide. What can you learn from the automotive industry? Because why don’t people fall in love with their fridge or washing machine and with their car? Just a nice product or high-quality service is no longer good enough in the current, overcrowded market. How do you distinguish your product, service and organization from all others? What transformation is needed and how does Niels van Roij view your organization as a car designer?

4. The man who became a polish!

Coachbuilding, the tailor-made design and construction of very exclusive cars, is synonymous with beautifully individually crafted works of art on wheels. Niels van Roij is accustomed to unusual requests to perfect cars to customer requirements through his studio and well versed in turning extreme ideas into reality. How do you ensure that your customer is really central?

5. Design is psychology, do people like to be fooled?

Sometimes design is neuroscience. Because our personal connotations with products and services are very special and also locally defined. People see faces in the moon, on a tree and in objects. And we’d rather buy an expensive iPhone with a bad battery than a Nokia – why? And how do you transform your product or service before it’s too late?

6. How did Niels van Roij design the London Black Cab taxi of the future?

A unique taxi was developed together with the disabled, mothers with babies, the blind, students and the elderly. Niels will inspire you by sharing unique design-thinking processes. It gives you tools with which you will immediately be able to identify concrete points for improvement to your product, service and organization – and implement them!

7. Why every organization should have a Chief Design Officer in addition to a CEO!

How do you make your organization future-proof and how does it stay that way? Think of how Paul Polman, as CEO for Unilever, initiated a turning point. Because profit maximization is no longer the magic word. And a great product or good service is anything but the road to a sustainable and relevant existence. Certainly not for young customers! How sustainable is your business model for both your revenue and the environment?

8. The paradigm shift from ownership to the sharing economy and energy transition

Success stories such as light as-a-service from Thomas Rauw and the shared car from Lynk & Co to the story of Autolib car-sharing that, despite 2,500 cars and 150,000 subscribers, failed completely… Is there a place for your organization in the sharing economy? is this movement also coming to your industry or its limitations? And does your product, organization or service for the sharing economy need a complete overhaul?


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