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Michiel Muller
Topman Picnic | Disruptive business models

Michiel Muller

Entrepreneur, investor and coach Michiel Muller is known as the founder of Tango, Route Mobiel and the online supermarket Picnic, amongst others.

Facilitator,Moderator,Motivational Speaker
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Facilitator,Moderator,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Entrepreneurship: from idea to execution
2.   The Entrepreneurial route©
3.   The investment-experience©: in which company would you invest? An interactive session/workshop with real life investment examples
4.   The power of business models
5.   Entrepreneurship and getting things done
6.   The secrets behind Route Mobiel and Tango
7.   Disruptive businessmodels: hit them where it hurts
8.   The power of PR
9.   Intuition and reason in entrepreneurship
10.   The power of new technology and the new generation: How Route Mobiel competed with the ANWB
11.   The businessmodel behind Tango: how did Tango grow so fast with so little invested capital?

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