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Marketing advisor and bestselling author of Buy.Ology

Martin Lindstrom

New York Times' and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Martin Lindstrom, is one of the world’s most respected marketing gurus. He is an adviser to top executives at Fortune 100 companies and author of five best-selling books including his latest Buyology (Doubleday New York), translated into ...

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Marketing
2.   Buyology
3.   ROI Branding
4.   Contextual Branding
5.   Brandchild
6.   Brand sense
7.   Brand blogging
8.   Financial Branding
9.   B2B Branding
10.   Country of origin as a statement branding
11.   Branding in Asia


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