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The future of food and food production

Marielle Bordewijk

Marielle is a food designer, true food innovator and pioneer in food design thinking. She helps companies and organizations worldwide with groundbreaking innovation in food to make our food tastier, more sustainable and healthier.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1. International food trends

A tasty story that showcases in rapid succession the major impactful food trends around the world, influencing the way we consume and produce food. From plant forward, glocal eating, eatertainment, convenience XL, hunger for origin, phygital to personalized health and much more.

2. Plant-based & protein transition

Within food, plant-based is a big trend. Those looking for depth here can find a rich story in Marielle’s Plant Forward story. From high-tech meat substitutes, botanical cooking, the latest vegetable preparations to, promising protein-rich crops to the right tone of voice in communications to entice vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters.

3. Green food design

Based on well-substantiated eco-data and sparkling eco-inspiration, Marielle shows how sustainable food innovation can be approached holistically and creatively. From more plant-based, less food waste, more biodiversity, smarter packaging to a smaller CO2 footprint. Many options are discussed in a structured way and then mixed with inspiring examples of how food brands and organizations can make a positive difference.

4. The future of food production

How will our way of producing food change? That’s a big question, considering a changing climate and a world population continuing to grow toward 10 billion people. In this presentation, Marielle highlights the latest technologies, methods, practices and sustainability visions in food production and agriculture. In doing so, she also makes the link to consumer psychology because consumer acceptance is crucial for success.

5. Food innovation

How do you achieve impactful innovation in food and the system behind it? Marielle shares inspiring cases and reveals the recipe for a well-designed food innovation process. She talks about the power of food design thinking, culture change and the right mindset to achieve breakthrough innovation.

6. Food design (thinking)

As a pioneer in this rapidly emerging discipline, she talks about the value of this method and the key steps in the process. Design thinking is a bespoke innovation method that is now taught at many business schools such as Harvard and Insead. Marielle was one of the first in the world to apply it to food. Food Design Thinking is interdisciplinary, optimistic, consumer driven and food specific. It gives attention to nutritional, culinary, sustainable and multi-sensory aspects unique to food. If necessary, one can start directly in a workshop after the presentation.


M. Depelssemaker, Account manager

‘Marielle Bordewijk gave a keynote speech on the occasion of the WagrALIM 2009 event in Belgium. WagrALIM is the food industry competitive cluster in Wallonia, Belgium. In order to improve ...

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M. Depelssemaker, Account manager from Dialectiq (Belgie)

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