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A pleasure for the senses - trends and innovation in food and drink

Marielle Bordewijk

A pleasure for the senses. That would be a good way to describe Marielle Bordewijk’s presentations on trends and innovation in food and drink. With the use of enticing images she takes you along on ...

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Internationale food trends
2.  Food design
3.  Food innovation
4.  Food brands and marketing
5.  Creativity in food
6.  Food inspiration
7.  Innovation workshops


M. Depelssemaker, Account manager

‘Marielle Bordewijk gave a keynote speech on the occasion of the WagrALIM 2009 event in Belgium. WagrALIM is the food industry competitive cluster in Wallonia, Belgium. In order to improve...

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M. Depelssemaker, Account managerfrom Dialectiq (Belgie)

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