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Self-Management | Communication & Motivation | Inner couch potato

Dr. Marco Freiherr von Münchhausen

Dr. Marco Freiherr von Münchhausen is an expert in the field of self-leadership, communication and (self-)motivation. For over 25 years, he has enriched the lives of many people through his lectures and coaching sessions.

Keynote Speaker,Webinar
Keynote Speaker,Webinar,

Specialist Subjects

1. Effective self-motivation - How to tame your inner couch potato

Creating that much-needed project plan? Finally go jogging again? Or just cleaning out the basement? We may make many resolutions with such good and firm intentions – but there seems to be a part of us that resists implementation, that blocks us, tricks us, and sabotages us by every trick in the book: in german, it’s called ‘the inner pig’ (Innerer Schweinehund). Anyone who makes resolutions knows it only too well – it prevents us from making important decisions, tackling changes or breaking bad habits.
The lecture “Effective self-motivation – How to tame your inner couch potato” exposes the often ingenious and convincing arguments of this constant companion and shows how everyone can tame their ‘inner pig’ and achieve set goals not against it, but with it as a companion.

  • Your ‘inner pig’: from worst enemy to best friend
  • Realize your personal goals and visions more effectively and with less friction
2. Paths to inner stability

Flexibility is one of the most important qualities when it comes to how we master our complex living environment. Flexibility is essential for dealing with the multifaceted upheavals and disruptions of the 21st century.
At the same time, however, the goal is to develop an inner stability that, on the one hand, anchors us firmly in our lives and, on the other, makes us supple enough to meet the challenges of everyday life adequately.
In his lecture “Paths to inner stability” Marco von Münchhausen presents a kind of psychological buffet with a wide variety of practical and easy-to-implement tools and tips, all of which are suitable for helping us to achieve better inner stability.

  • What sustains us in turbulent times: Effective strategies for a balanced life
  • Stress management and burnout prevention
  • The art of balancing work and personal life
3. The digitized brain

In addition to many undeniable benefits, digitization unfortunately also brings considerable braking effects. The loss of concentration, constant interruptions and the problematic consequences of multitasking characterize our everyday lives.
Marco von Münchhausen’s new lecture “The digitized brain” is about exactly that: why we hardly stay with one thing and how we can counteract it.

  • How concentration was lost – and how you can find it again
  • Getting out of the interruption and multitasking trap
  • Labor efficiency in the 21st century
4. Smart communication

Successful communication is one of the most important success factors in professional and private life. But it often fails when it really matters.
In his presentation “Smart communication“, Marco von Münchhausen reveals the success factors of smart and clever communication. You will learn how to focus on the really important communication tools and how to apply them even in difficult, emotional and stressful situations.

  • Tools and tricks for optimal communication
  • The most common communication traps and communication killers
  • When the tide is high – successful communication in stressful situations
5. On to something new - Emerging stronger from the Crisis

It comes as a surprise, often very quickly and usually unwelcome; the crisis. Crisis situations such as the current Corona crisis come upon us again and again and turn the entire life of every individual upside down.
But despite all the problems that this entails, the following also applies: Rarely do so many new opportunities open up as in times of great upheaval. Crises act as catalysts: they accelerate innovations and drive change processes.
Marco von Münchhausen shows in his webinar “On to something new – Emerging stronger from the Crisis“: Those who face challenges and are open to a change of perspective can learn a lot from times of upheaval and significantly increase their resilience. After all, the next crisis is bound to come.

6. Sustainable living in small steps - How you can contribute to a livable world with simple means

Making life sustainable and climate-friendly is one of the central challenges of the coming years. The consequences of climate change and environmental degradation can no longer be simply explained away or overlooked – we have long been in the thick of it and feel the effects every day. But many have also realized: Living sustainably is environmentally sound, future-proof for grandchildren and fit for the future in general.

In his new lecture, Marco von Münchhausen shows:

  • What sustainability is actually about
  • Why acting sustainably is so important
  • That sustainability makes sense and that it also gives you meaning
  • What each individual can contribute to this in a simple and effective way
  • And why it’s so important to tackle the issue of sustainability together with your ‘inner pig’

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