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Olympic Gold medaillist 10km Open Water

Maarten van der Weijden

Maarten van der Weijden is the only winner of Olympic Gold, after recovering from cancer. Maartens goal is to become better every day. Because of his persistence and realism he often succeeds in his...



Specialist Subjects

1.  Perseverance
2.  Ambition
3.  The Winning Mentality


Gerrit Zalm

“Maarten his speaking is pure poetry combined with business insights”.

Gerritfrom ABN AMRO
Peter ter Kulve

“Both my team in the Netherlands and in South-East Asia, thought Maartens speaking was the highlight of the day”

Peterfrom Unilever ASEAN & ANZ
Roger van Boxtel

“Maarten has a speaking talent, you don’t often see. His presentation is an unique story about a cancer patient becoming Olympic champion”

Rogerfrom Menzis

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