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Artist & Futurologist

Lisanne Buik

Lisanne Buik advises businesses and governments on ethically navigating and applying AI developments in a rapidly changing world.

Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Workshops
Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Workshops,

Specialist Subjects

1. Sustainability

Lisanne Buik’s keynotes on Sustainability and AI take a critical look at how AI can be used to achieve sustainable and regenerative goals such as the SDGs, while also highlighting the potential ecological consequences of unchecked technological progress. Through concrete examples and insightful analyses, she shows how AI can contribute to a resilient and sustainable future.

2. AI and Technology

In her keynotes on AI and Emerging Technologies, Lisanne Buik explores the frontiers of technological innovation and its impact on our society, organizations, and work. She emphasizes the need for an ethical approach to the development and implementation of AI and other emerging technologies. Using inspiring examples and practical insights, she encourages her audience to think critically about the role of technology in our lives and to make conscious choices that contribute to a balanced and humane future.


3. Ethics

Lisanne Buik’s keynotes on Ethics and AI provide deep insights into the complex ethical issues that accompany the rise of artificial intelligence. She explores the moral dilemmas surrounding the use of AI in various sectors, from healthcare to agriculture and finance, and emphasizes the importance of integrating ethical considerations into the design and implementation of AI systems. By showcasing future scenarios and facilitating interactive discussions based on concrete case studies, she encourages her audience to reflect on their own values and to work together to strive for AI applications that are ethically responsible and socially valuable, today and in the future.

4. The Future of Work

Her keynotes on The Future of Work delve into the dramatic transformations that emerging technologies bring to the workplace. She explores how AI, automation, and other emerging technologies are reshaping the skills needed to thrive. By examining future trends and offering practical insights, she equips audiences to prepare for a dynamic job market and make informed career decisions, and gives leaders tools to guide employee anxiety with grace. She also explores the potential impact on work-life balance, employee well-being, and the overall design of organizations.



It was a perfect keynote that matched perfectly the theme of the 2023 FilmEU Summit!

“Lisanne’s keynote clearly demonstrated the impact AI can have and illustrated, by means of films, case-studies and art projects, that we need to think about futures that align nature, people and ...

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Veerle Van der Sluys from Vice dean research of LUCA School of Arts, Belgium
I found the collaboration in the preparation and implementation to be extremely pleasant and I highly recommend it.

“The keynote and workshop on Gracious AI that Lisanne provided were both inspiring in the long term and practically applicable in the short term. With her consultancy she has helped us implement AI ...

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Tim Smolders from People & Leadership development at Vandebron
Her originality, work ethic, communication skills, and dedication to creating immersive experiences set her apart as a true visionary.

“Lisanne Buik is a phenomenal designer, AI ethics consultant and keynote speaker who delivers outstanding and impactful work. Her originality, work ethic, communication skills, and dedication to ...

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Reon Brand from Design Principal - Foresight and Innovation, Philips Design

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