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Personal Development | Ownership

Judith Webber

It is Judith Webber's mission to bring more openness, energy and connection into organizations. Let people be pieces of the puzzle and see enthusiasm & ownership arise.

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Talent-driven organizations - how do you IGNITE people?

Discover how to lift up energy & talent, how to look and organize differently, from intrinsic motivation & ownership. See how you can make cooperation smoother and more effective. Experience how you can turn people on from the inside out with 2 simple questions! Go for YES!

2. Inviting leadership - Trust is key

We are moving towards a new image of man: a man who is connected to himself and the organization, who can be trusted, who wants to contribute, a man who is open & honest. The human by nature: Homo Connectus. You as a leader may be an example-maker in this and emerge. Inviting & curious!

3. Attractive employment - Be a magnet to the right people

Totally timely in this day and age. “People can’t be found” everyone shouts. My view is that they are surely there, but that you have to ensure that you are attractive as an employer, now and in the future. That you prepare yourself for the next generation of employees. Learn to be a magnet, retain and fascinate!

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