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Management expert and Managing Partner at MindValue Consultants

Javier Fernãndez Aguado

Javier Fernández Aguado, after years of working as a senior manager and then as an entrepreneur, is currently Managing Partner at MindValue Consultant (specializing in professional services for Senior Management) and Professor at the European Forum (Navarra Business School).He has published over ...


Specialist Subjects

1.   Management of the Imperfect
2.   Organizational pathologies
3.   To management by threat versus to management by habit
4.   Teachings of the Templars and its application to contemporary organizations
5.   Learn from classical Rome or Greece
6.   Teachings of Ulysses for the government
7.   Julius Caesar and governance
8.   Leadership and Business Success
9.   Corporate Social Responsibility



Isidro Fainé

Isidro Fainé from President of La Caixa
Ramón Adell

Ramón Adell from Vice- president of La CEDE

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