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Walter Kallenbach
Firestarter specialized in venture marketing

Jasmijn Rijcken

Jasmijn Rijcken MBA is a firestarter. She launches all kinds of brands and she is known for being the icon of new generation of marketing

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   5 rules of Venture Marketing
2.   Tearing down the wall between consumers & companies
3.   Branding without spending
4. The ultimate inspiration show

Unconventional creative marketing as secret weapon for success.

In this entertaining presentation Jasmijn takes you on a journey through her own experiences of building VANMOOF and Miskeen. She challenges us to rethink outdated marketing rules and inspires us to create our own weapons of mass disruption. She awakens the entrepreneurial spirit in all us in a refreshing way. And you? What about you? After the show you will tease and tickle – Oh yes, you will!

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