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Handling setbacks | Changes | Resilience

Isabelle Feteris

Isabelle Feteris shows that it's possible to perform at the peaks of your abilities, to achieve top performance without compromising in other areas. Falling back into old patterns and choosing the comfort zone is often the easiest path. How do you deal with this?

Chairperson,Keynote Speaker,Workshops
Chairperson,Keynote Speaker,Workshops,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Getting out of your comfort zone and into action
2.   Perseverance and Motivation
3.   Energy in your body and calmness in your mind
4.   Mental strength and Resilience
5.   Mindset and Motivation
6.   Entrepreneurship
7.   Personal Leadership and Personal Growth
8.   Achieving top performance in all areas of your life
9.   Vitality and Work happiness


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