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Expert consultant in competitive leadership and creation of unique business models

Isabel Aguilera

Isabel Aguilera ,CEO of Google Iberia (2006-2008) and CEO of GE Spain and Portugal (2008-2009), is an inspiring and sought after expert on leadership, teamwork, creativity, as well as technology and innovation.

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Panel
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   The Role of New Technologies in Business
2.   The Keys to Successful Human Resources Management
3.   Effective Leadership
4.   Finding a balance between private and working life
5.   Competing in the Century of Technology
6.   What I learned from experience
7.   Training your innovation muscle
8.   Ecoinnovering: living after crisis
9.   Multinational Identity: best practices, procedures and experience
10.   Growing companies: how to survive critical phases
11.   Creating a unique business model after M&A: We did it!
12.   Smart Economy: Client- Focused Economy
13.   Innovation: Google, Apple and others
14.   Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation: A Positive Growth Spiral
15.   Competing in the Age of Technology: what was to come here it is.
16.   Eligibility For High-Performance Teams
17.   Leadership and Teamwork
18.   Lessons from the top: Experiencing Innovation

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