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Ilja Gort - ©Caroline d'Hollosy Ilja Gort - ©Caroline d'Hollosy
Winemaker | television presenter | writer | La Tulipe

Ilja Gort

Ilja Gort is a wine farmer in France, television presenter and writer. His La Tulipe and Slurp wines have been among Albert Heijn's best-selling wines for years.

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Specialist Subjects

1. Wine, France and entrepreneurship

Gort is an inspiring orator and has very surprising, extraordinarily witty lectures on wine, France and how to make the most of your life.

See, smell, feel, taste, hear: Get everything out of your senses. Depending on the length of time, Gort’s performance can be supplemented by an extensive winery wine tasting.

2. Brands and marketing

Ilja Gort is a master of marketing. He manages to tie all his activities together in subtle ways without the marketing being perceived as a hindrance. His life literally reads like a good book. His marketing lectures can be supplemented with a performance in which he, together with the audience, composes live music to television commercials with a focus on marketing and experience.

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