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Expert and Trainer for Nutrition and Health Psychology

Frédéric Letzner

Frédéric Letzner is an expert in nutrition and health psychology, and his humorous yet provocative content offers a different perspective on the topics of nutrition and health.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. "Why super(wo)man is not happy" - Self-management

Accomplishing tasks in less time or simply achieving more, every tool to increase your own efficiency is welcome. Not only at work, but also in private life, time, money and inactivity are wasted. Time management and multitasking are the key words: eating, phoning and driving are best done at the same time. Doing nothing and enjoying things is difficult for many people. But is life really efficient?

2. "The Psyche of Laziness" - Health & Motivation

Although we consider health to be very important, we often find it very difficult to behave accordingly. In everyday life, our own well-being often falls under the table. Sleep, relaxation and enjoyment are often neglected. What is the reason for this? Do we really have no time?
Pizza, whiskey and a cigar – for most people this is more attractive than broccoli, still water and jogging. If we look at our own behavior, we know that unhealthy things can also be healthy and how we can sell ourselves on healthy things.

3. "Food eats emotion" - Nutritional psychology

Especially when it comes to eating, emotions get in the way. We eat out of frustration, out of pleasure, under stress, for social reasons and, last but not least, because we are women and men.
How do these factors influence our eating behavior? Can I refuse the piece of cake that grandma baked especially for me? And for how long will the sun not shine if I don’t finish my plate?

4.   "More illusion than reality" - The side effects of digitization
5.   "Health can also be sexy" - Health communication

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