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Expert in RSC, Environment, and Sustainability

Francisco Lozano Winterhalder

Francisco Lozano Winterhalder is a biologist and has a master degree in Arts, following a Ph.D. program in Philosophy.He is a Professor of sustainable development at the prestigious ESADE Business...

Coaching,Consultancy,Forum,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Workshop

Specialist Subjects

1. Sustainability, Business and Values
2. Sustainability and Competitiveness as Synergistic Systems
3. Sustainable Consumption: Facts and Trends
4. Sustainability and Business Opportunities
5. Sustainability and Business Opportunities – Green Economy
6. Celebrating the Day of Corporate Responsibility in our Company
7. Creating Shared Value
8. From Biological Evolution to Ethics Evolution
9. 10 Keys to Prepare the Future, Inspired by the Book: "Why do we Become Extinct? Ten Keys to Prepare the Future
10. Key Concepts and Behaviors in Sustainability
11. Environmental and Management System
12. Climate Change and the Problem of Energy
13. Climate Change and the problem of the energy
14. Leaders for future
15. Sustainability and profit, a win-win sysytem

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