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Sought-after clinical psychologist using her past in Auschwitz death camp as a way of inspire people and develop personal growth

Edith Eger

Dr. Edith Eger is a sought-after clinical psychologist and lecturer, helping individuals discard their limitations, discover their powers of self-renewal, and achieve things they previous thought unattainable.Using her past in the heinous Auschwitz death camp as a powerful analogy, she inspires ...

Conference,Keynote Speaker,Storytelling
Conference,Keynote Speaker,Storytelling,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Art of Survival
2.   Coping with Stress
3.   Help for the Caregiver
4.   Finding Power from Within
5.   Spirituality and Sexuality
6.   Turning Life Into a Constant Celebration
7.   Your Job Versus Life's Work
8.   The Freedom of Choice
9.   The Battered Wife Syndrome
10.   How to Break Your Barriers

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