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Athlete | Motivational Coach | Entrepreneur

Edith Bosch

Edith Bosch talks about taking 100% responsibility. As a three-time Olympic medalist and world champion, she knows better than anyone else that this is the only way to be successful.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop
Keynote Speaker,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1. Behavior Change: Why You Always Need Courage to Change Your Behavior

What has changed in your work over the past years? How did you deal with it? Change is always present and doesn’t have to be a problem. Until the change requires something different from us, specifically a change in behavior. We all want to develop, grow, and be successful, yet it’s not always easy because we don’t really know how.

How do you ensure that you are able to truly sustainably change your behavior? How can you help each other do this in a fun way together? How can you start doing this right away?

Edith provides answers to how you can change your behavior and how this is much easier than most people think. How you can summon the courage to do this. She offers practical tools that you can start using immediately after the presentation.

This is what people take away:
1. Insight that behavior change is easier than we think
2. Insight into how you can truly change your behavior
3. Insight into how you can summon your courage to change behavior
4. Insight into how you can start doing this right away
5. Insight into how you can make this more enjoyable together

2. Mental Strength: Without emotional strength, there is no mental strength.

We all eventually face setbacks; adversity. How do you deal with setbacks? How do you perceive yourself and what you experience? How do you ensure that you make something good out of the challenge ahead of you?

Setbacks are often unpleasant, yet in every setback, there’s an opportunity to grow. However, we often don’t know how. Mental-emotional flexibility is a crucial aspect of dealing with setbacks. The combination of mental and emotional strength is essential. We can go a long way with just thinking (mental strength). However, the circle is truly complete when we also develop and add emotional strength to it.

Edith answers why mental strength cannot exist without emotional strength. What emotional strength is and how you can use it to turn a challenge into something positive. Edith guides you on how to use emotions as feedback through stories and her experiences working with people.

This is what people take away:
• Realizing that mental strength is inseparable from emotional strength
• Insight into how you can become mentally and emotionally stronger
• Insight into how you can use a challenging situation as an opportunity for growth
• Insight into the 5 steps you can take to work with challenges

As a former top athlete and winner of Expedition Robinson, Edith knows better than anyone else how mental-emotional strength can be crucial if you want to achieve your goals.

3. Leadership: Good Leadership - The 7 Essential Steps

What makes a good leader? What is crucial in a situation that requires leadership? And what do you do as a leader in a crisis, where all eyes are on you? Simply adopting a leadership style is not enough to be a true leader. Being present in the here and now and acting from there is. True leadership requires self-awareness and presence.

In the leadership presentation, Edith shares her vision on leadership. She has numerous beautiful stories and anecdotes that embody leadership in its purest form: being fearless, autonomous, authentic, and making choices. She guides you through 7 steps to develop your leadership.

This is what people take away:
• Understanding the value of leadership in the here & now
• Insight into how you can be more ‘in the moment’ as a leader
• Insight into how you can look at yourself differently as a leader and what you experience
• Understanding where your potential lies in terms of leadership
• The 7 essential steps for leadership development

To reach the top, Edith had to demonstrate leadership at crucial moments to choose her own path and also ask something different from the people around her. A relatable story with humor, lightness, and the oh-so-familiar situations everyone recognizes but prefers not to talk about.



Edith has shared an inspiring and personal story with us.

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Edith Bosch took us on a journey through her inspiring story about personal leadership, mental fitness, and ownership.

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