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Kommersant Publishing House columnist, Top Secret TV Channel presenter

Dmitry Gubin

Moscow State University visiting professor,Moscow International University visiting professor,Foundation of Independent Radio expertEducation:1981-1986 Department of Journalism, Moscow State...

Columnist,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Masterclass,Moderator,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  "The West and The Rest"
2.  Tendencies of mass media development in Russia
3.  Modern social matrix of Russia
4.  Russia today: what is putinism and why are tightened the screws?
5.  Modern Russian journalism
6.  Professional journalistic master classes


Владимир Познер. Прощание с иллюзиями

Владимир Познер. Прощание с иллюзиями

Дмитрий Губин в Библио-Глобусе

Дмитрий Губин в Библио-Глобусе

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