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Journalist investigating the health and globalization

Claire Séverac

Born in Béziers, France, from a Basque mother and an Occitan father, Claire studies Political Sciences before doing a carrier in music. Her songs are recorded by artists as famous as Crystal Gayle, Pat Benatar, Donna Summer, Emmylou Harris, Willy Deville, Chicago, Asleep and the wheel, Jefferson ...

Debate participation,Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host
Debate participation,Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,

Specialist Subjects

1.   People's Health
2.   Pollution medications, vaccinations, pesticides, junk
3.   Global Conspiracy against Health
4.   Protection and defense of citizens' health
5.   Scandals (contaminated blood affair, vaccination...)


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