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Trendexpert |Researcher | Futurist

Cécile Cremer

Cécile Cremer is a trend and innovation expert, keynote speaker, author, but above all a child of the future. She is a source of inspiration in the field of trends and innovation worldwide

Keynote Speaker,Workshop
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Keynote Speaker,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1.   A day in the life of 2030
2.   The future of retail
3.   People VS. Technology / The future of humanity
4.   The future of work
5.   The future of education
6.   The future of food
7.   The future of health
8.   The future of leisure
9.   The future of real estate
10.   Digital transformation
11.   An exponentially changing world
12.   An indecisive future


Cecile Cremer | Speaker Interview

Cecile Cremer | Speaker Interview

Cécile Speakers Profile v3

Cécile Speakers Profile v3

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