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Thought Leader & Business Coach

Carsten K. Rath

Carsten K. Rath has made it from terrace waiter to international service brand. He has opened and managed some of the most famous hotels in the world. He also passionately imparts his knowledge as a university lecturer at various universities and he writes columns on service quality.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Everything is service

Success always depends on the question: What does my customer get out of it? This presentation enables the audience to recognize the potential for enthusiasm within their company and to transform every encounter with the customer into an inspiring moment of service excellence.

2. Leaders in a free world

An exceptional company must not be led in an ordinary way. This presentation prepares leaders for the new requirements and competencies that make their companies future-proof in digital times, enabling them to inspire and retain employees and customers sustainably.

3. The secret of customer delight

The difference between customer delight and customer complaint lies in the behavior of the employees. This presentation transforms leaders and employees into customer whisperers.

4. Let them do it!

An employee who can’t make decisions cannot delight customers. This presentation introduces leaders to the new generations and demonstrates the freedoms employees truly need today to achieve optimal results at the customer interface.

5. Service drives revenue

Service is the new revenue strategy. This presentation provides strategies and concrete action options to achieve long-term customer loyalty and turn customers into advocates.

6. Without freedom, leadership is just an F-word

It’s always about everything.
This presentation demonstrates to salespeople and sellers how employee leadership in their company becomes a unique selling point and delights customers.

7. Service is the future

Service is the best digitalization strategy! This presentation provides strategies and concrete action options to delight customers, especially in the digital age, through human connection.

8. From order receiver to brand ambassador

The behavior of employees makes the difference between customer complaints and customer delight. This presentation demonstrates how to harness the personal strengths and talents of employees to create an unbeatable team that delights customers.

9. Leadership - From head to toe

The customer is the only metric that matters – and the employee at the customer interface is the key actor in meeting this metric. Reverse Thinking enables leaders to see through the eyes of the customer and grants employees the necessary freedom of action at the customer interface.

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