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Innovator | AI | Synthetic Biology

ir. Bruno Fabre MCA

Bruno Fabre is an eminent speaker, excelling in making complex technology understandable and providing a progressive vision for our society's evolution into a post-tech era.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1. Innovation Management

In an era where data reigns supreme and digital presence dictates the playing field, it’s no surprise that most enterprises focus on data management and innovation. A strong digital process and solid digital stance are, after all, the cornerstones for the flourishing future of any organization. But in the current climate, it’s not enough to merely ride the waves of supply and demand. True disruption often comes from unexpected corners – newcomers entering traditional markets with fresh expertise and turning them upside down.

Securing the future requires more than just a technological roadmap; the key to real innovation often lies hidden within the culture and depths of the organization itself. A dynamic culture and proper processes act as catalysts for transformation, enabling your business to grow into a dominant force in the market through intelligent and well-thought-out innovations.

Innovation is not just about knowledge; it requires a fusion with emotional leadership, an essential part of the new psychology of work. This approach fosters a robust organization that unites flexibility with creative energy.

Immerse yourself in the new principles of innovation management, where AI plays a role, but human insight and creativity reach their full potential. Transform your organization into a talent magnet that not only attracts new skills but also retains them. Become a magnet for both your people and your clients – the world is yours for the taking, without the need to bend. Stand tall and embrace the experience.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Since its inception in the 1960s, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable tool in almost every sector. AI accelerates, simplifies, and strengthens business processes in a revolutionary way. From the humble toothbrush to advanced satellites, AI is embedded in technologies we use daily and has become a key component of our modern era.

In recent years, AI has undergone remarkable evolution, not just in maturity but also in approximating human cognitive capacity. It has unlocked the complexity of human language, making machines nearly indistinguishable from a human conversational partner. Machines are taking on new dimensions and operating with increasing autonomy, and even humans are subject to its strong analytical power.

As businesses still wrestle with establishing an effective data management structure, the next wave of AI-driven innovations is on its way to transform information management. Do you want to understand the current state of AI, grasp its underlying principles, and prepare your enterprise for the next generation of innovation? Then book an inspiring keynote, possibly combined with a workshop, led by Bruno Fabre, an AI technologist with profound knowledge and expertise in technological innovation.

Join Bruno on a fascinating journey through the world of AI, where you will learn not only about its capabilities but also how to harness this disruptive force to propel your business to new heights.

3. Synthetic Biology

The boundaries of biological transformation extend far beyond the fields of agriculture; synthetic biology has also made its entry into the human world. A striking example of this is the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines over the past year – a testament to the potential this science offers.

Advances in technology are not exclusively reserved for the world of nano processors and electronics; the biological aspects of our world are also undergoing a revolutionary transformation through our technological expertise. Often, understanding natural processes already leads to improved mechanical operations, as evidenced by the benefits of biomimicry as an innovative medium for designing superior solutions. The exploration of the nanoworld has given us the opportunity to develop new materials with unprecedented properties, custom-designed to provide ground-breaking solutions for mechanical, electronic, or even organic challenges.

How far has synthetic biology brought us, and what can it mean for your organization, to gain an edge over competitors? How can it improve your products in ways previously unimaginable? We are rediscovering how nature has built an immense database of knowledge over billions of years. We are learning to harness those mechanisms to tackle the greatest societal challenges, whether they relate to energy, food, or security.

Step into this astonishing world, broaden your horizon, and discover natural principles that can further enhance your success. You are invited on a journey into the nanoworld, guided by a neuroscientist and self-taught researcher, challenging the world to achieve its best version.



The presentation was visionary, informative and at the same time entertaining & interactive; and overall well received by the audience.

"We organized an in-house seminar for a specifically targeted audience of marketing professionals from financial organizations. Finding a key note speaker with experience in both marketing as finance ...

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Ingrid Callewaert from Xeikon International BV

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