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Sustainable adventurer | Project 'Plug Me In'

Wiebe Wakker

Sustainable adventurer Wiebe Wakker is known for his project "Plug Me In," in which he travels from the Netherlands to New Zealand in an electric car to share knowledge and inspire.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Inspiration
2.   Perseverance
3.   Social Media & PR
4.   Cooperation
5.   Sustainability



"This can inspire everyone in the field of sustainable mobility, the goodness of people and problem-solving!"

"At 'Impact Event Sustainable Zeist', Wiebe gave a fantastic presentation about his journey in an electric car from the Netherlands to Australia. During his lively talk, interspersed with ...

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Hans Hoff from Impact Event Duurzaam Zeist
"What a beautiful story and presentation!"

"Wiebe told us how he travelled through 34 countries with an electric car and without financial means. His journey was not an easy one, one with many obstacles and challenges. In an energetic and ...

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Marc Vermeer from Technical Manager - Rijkswaterstaat
"Wiebe, your story inspires!"

"On 24 October we organised a so-called pressure cooker session. With the business community, young people, government and education, to come up with smart solutions about the changes in education ...

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Arianne Westerveel from Advisor - Province of Zeeland
"After you have heard his story, you know that you can achieve your goals, even if they seem totally unattainable."

"Visitors to Ecomobiel were very enthusiastic about Wiebe's presentation. Wiebe's journey is unique and so is his story. Wiebe inspires, makes people think and provides a comic note. After you have ...

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Wendy van der Geijn from 54 Events - Ecomobiel
"Our staff came away more informed about EVs and inspired to live a little more sustainably in their own lives."

"DB Breweries/HEINEKEN was lucky to host Wiebe on the last leg of his around-the-world trip in New Zealand. Wiebe’s authentic, easy going style presentation style was well-received by our staff and ...

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Rosie Cotter from DB Breweries - HEINEKEN NZ
"As an innovation centre in the creative industry, we are always looking for inspiration: Wiebe certainly gave us that."

"With his story about his world trip in an electric car, he managed to enthuse the companies in the room and, not unimportantly, make them laugh. Wiebe speaks in a down-toearth and spontaneous way ...

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Anne Raaijmakers from Project Manager at Perron038
"With his down-to-earth humorous comments on the visual spectacle, Wiebe knows how to captivate to the end."

"We really enjoyed Wiebe's stories about his bizarre trip to Australia in an electric car. It was very inspiring to hear him talk about the more than 95,000 kilometres and 33 countries of the ...

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Richard Hovinga from Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

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