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Businessman and business trainer

Vladimir Dovgan

Leading trainer of success in RussiaWell-known businessman.The first person in Russia that is a brand mark "Dovgan"in the mid-1990s united by a whole range of products: vodka, cigarettes, cereals,...

Keynote Speaker,Masterclass,Motivational Speaker,Training

Specialist Subjects

1.  Leadership
2.  Teambuilding
3.  Entrepreneurship
4.  DNA of self-development and self-improvement in business
5.  Oratory
6.  NLP
7.  Masterclass «New technologies of personality development»


Мастер-класс Владимира Довганя!

Мастер-класс Владимира Довганя!

Секретное Генетическое Оружие!

Секретное Генетическое Оружие!

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