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Germany's most successful Astronaut

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter

Ulrich Walter, German Science Astronaut, is a full professor for astronautics at the Technical University at Munich.

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
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Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. From Vision to Mission - Proven Project Management for Your Business

Based on specific case studies from NASA, with his professional experience as project manager at IBM, and from the analysis of successful and failed business projects worldwide, Prof. U. Walter provides action guidelines on how to recognize risks in your company, how to evaluate and how to handle them. Prof. Wallter lectures project and risk management at the Technical University at Munich.

2. One Team, One Dream – Risks included

The project team is key to the success of a company’s project. How are people selected, how are they motivated to work for a corporate goal, and what are the risks of teamwork? This talk tells the lessons learned of how space projects handle these problems.

3. How intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will change our world in the long term, and radically. But what exactly is AI about? What is the state of today’s AI and will it be equal to or even surpass human intelligence at some point? Prof. Walter conducts research in the field of space robotics and geriatronics, i.e. robotics assistance for a self-determined life in old age. As a member of the Bavarian Ethics Council, he advises the Bavarian state government on matters of AI.

4. Future X.0

What can we know about the future, in principle and according to science? Why has it always been misjudged, even by nobel laureates and futurologists? The talk analyzes, from illustrative examples, why we nearly always judge the future wrongly and shows the reasons for our fears of the future. It explores what we can learn from this and how we can thus better prepare ourselves for the future.

5. Hell Ride through Space and Time

Based on his 2018 Spiegel bestseller book of the same name, astronaut Ulrich Walter takes the audience on a journey into space. Popular questions such as: “How is the experience at take-off?”, “How is it (eating, sleeping, toilet) on the space station?”, “Is it possible to travel to distant worlds?” or “Is it possible with light – or fly faster than light?”

6. Product Life Cycle Management for Top Managers

System Engineering as the body of knowledge of Product Life Cycle Management. Principles of system engineering. Macro and micro processes in product system design. Requirements for engineering and the standard product development process. Product development models: From the US House of Quality to the European V-model.

7. Disruptive Innovations – What lies Ahead?

Innovative developments have always been misjudged. Why? The talk presents illustrative examples to analyze the misconceptions which even experts are subject to. Based on NASA’s real space case studies, disruptive development in the space sector (New Space), analysis of worldwide successful and failed enterprise projects, and based on his work experience as a project manager at IBM, Prof. Walter provides experienced guides on how we can better prepare for disruptive innovation.

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