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The art of coaching

Toon Gerbrands

Toon Gerbrands is the author of the very successful book 'The art of coaching' ('De kunst van coachen'). The title is typical for the way he works and his vision on performing. People should work together to reach their ultimate goal: winning and performing.Winning principles are important to ...

Columnist,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Workshop / Masterclass
Columnist,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Teambuilding and working together successfully
2.   Leadership & Coaching
3.   Performing with a vision and a philosophy
4.   The different motives of people
5.   Professionality is a way of thinking
6.   Communication: relation therapy
7.   Achieving goals by action-intelligence
8.   The essence of performing (aimed at managers)
9.   Getting everything out of people
10.   Goals and ambition

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