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One of the World’s foremost solo Climbers

Thomas Bubendorfer

Austrian record-breaking solo mountain climber and advocate of a ‘new approach’ to achieving and maintaining peak performance.

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. In a time of constant change in the modern business world
  • Don’t just keep up, keep making progress …
  • How to stay creative, courageous and ready for the new …
  • How to ‘bring others with you’ through change …
2. Less is more
  • Stop doing the wrong things — reduce to the essential. What do I really need?
  • Quality not quantity — how to cast off ballast to become faster and more flexible
3. Intelligent Peak Performer
  • Enhance your ability to regenerate as a basis of fulfilling your achievement potential — how to tap into full potential on a long-term basis
  • Good health and fitness — in the face of stress — by integrating mind, body and spirit
4. Leadership
  • From lone ranger to team player
  • Leadership begins with you — how to lead yourself
5. Motivation
  • Meaning and values, as a basis of true motivation
  • How to succeed in finding new meaning in all situations, and motivating yourself
6. Security and risk
  • Beware: the easiest mountains are often the most dangerous!
  • Managing a crisis — coping with setbacks and limits, constructively.


'Taking a New Approach is Required'

'Taking a New Approach is Required'


Feedback of participants was overwhelming and I was personally enthusiastic.

„Thank you so much for yesterday's great presentation. Feedback of participants was overwhelming and I was personally enthusiastic.“  

Marius Dorfmeister from , co-CEO if SUSI Partners AG in Zurich

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