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The World at Your Feet

Sabirul Islam

Sabirul Islam, now 20, is a Teen-Trepreneur who set up ‘The World at Your Feet,’ a global motivational speaker and author of bestselling books: “The World at Your Feet. He’s also the creator of the “Teen-Trepreneur” Board Game and the Success Kit trilogy of books and DVDs.With a vision ...

Consultancy,Motivational Speaker,Performance,Presentations
Consultancy,Motivational Speaker,Performance,Presentations,


Catherine Ritman

Sabirul was a brilliant speaker, who pitched his talk at just the right level for our students. They left with enthusiasm, self-belief and ideas. The students are still buzzing about it now.” ...

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Catherine Ritman from Smith ? Enterprise UK
Anna Frick

"An inspiring book written by an inspiring young man. A call for young people to transform their lack of self-belief and release their potential”

Anna Frick from JCI Community Director
Paul Lancaster

“Truly incredible from beginning to end! His presentation was pitched perfectly for our students who sat in stunned silence listening intently to his amazing story. We really couldn’t have asked ...

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Paul Lancaster from Shell Livewire
David Dinsdale

Sabirul was instrumental and the room was buzzing after his talk. He filled us all with a sense of "anything is possible".Hearing such a positive story was incredibly useful and inspirational. I can ...

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David Dinsdale from Programme Director
Lisa Green,

“Sabirul Islam thinks, talks and breaths enterprise and his book is a great way to tap into his approaches to success”

Lisa Green, from National Enterprise Academy
Hilary Foster

“We were really impressed by the way Sabirul was able to step up and take stage at such short notice. He was engaging, professional and a truly inspirational speaker.

Hilary Foster from City of Leicester College, Leicester
Bob Wigley

“Hearing Sabirul was fantastic! He’s an excellent public speaker!”

Bob Wigley from Chairmen of Yell Group

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