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No legs no limits!

Rüdiger Böhm

Rüdiger Böhm is pure motivation. The keynote speaker, coach and author impresses with his extraordinary life story. He knows what it means when everything in life changes within a single second.

Coaching,Keynote Speaker,Webinar
Coaching,Keynote Speaker,Webinar,

Specialist Subjects

1. Change 4.0 - Being Successful in times of digital transformation

The world we live in is spinning faster and faster! We think more and more interlinked and global! Whether we like it or not, our lives are changing at breakneck speed. How do you deal with it when suddenly everything is different? How do you react to crises and extreme situations? What do you do when, from one moment to the next, you can no longer rely on what you once learned? What does this mean for your personal success?

Learn what really is necessary to master even extreme changes courageously and successfully!

2. Sexy Goals - Your Motive(ation) for Peak Performance

In today’s world, we are constantly confronted with the success of others. In most cases, this leads to stress and extreme pressure to perform. Many ask themselves, “What can he or she do that I can’t?” They withdraw and hope that the stress and pressure to perform will eventually, somehow, resolve itself. In doing so, they believe that successful people are cut from a different, very special kind of cloth, capitulate after defeats and thus feel they never reach their goal.

Experience how goals can affect you and what is really necessary to achieve them with enthusiasm & ease!

3. BOOST your TEAM - Lead successfully with Respect & Passion

It is not for nothing that the saying goes: “Truly successful teams are recognized in times of crisis!”. But what makes a team successful? Why does one team take off while others clearly “underperform”? How is it possible for a team to fight against destruction and suddenly take off? And, what is the role of the team leader and the management in this game? Or, to put it another way: How do you lead your team to peak performance and sustainably establish it at the top?

Learn what it really takes to develop successful teams and establish them at the top.

4. Phenomen(T)ally Good: Victory or defeat - The Mindset decides

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you really could achieve any goal? Where would you be, what would you do, if you knew that simply anything is possible? Are you also one of those who are shaking your head right now? That sounds kind of funny. It can’t be that simple, otherwise everyone would do it. Wouldn’t they? And yet it would be almost too good to be true.

You will learn how we think and what this has to do with a “Pink Elephant”. Change your mindset and become Phenomen(T)ally successful!

5. Fit through the crisis: Resilience - The key in turbulent times

There are people who just will not get worked up no matter what. They master even extreme situations with a certain composure, emerge from crises even stronger and always remain positive and full of energy. Do you know someone like that? And have you ever wondered how they do it? How do you deal with crises and challenges? Do you have your stress and energy under control or is mindfulness rather a foreign word for you?

Experience what resilience really means and learn what it takes to stay resilient, fit and agile even in turbulent times.


"Enormous what he has achieved with us. 1000 thanks for that!"

"I knew Rüdiger was good, but he took us to a new level in a ½ days workshop. An authentic person with a wonderful gift to motivate and focus people on goals. Enormous what he achieved with us. ...

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Michael Frei, Head of Corporate Development from the Dielsdorf Health Center
"Motivating, inspiring and 100% authentic."

David Wälti from Intersport Schweiz AG

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