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Intelligent and Charasmatic Television & Radio Presenter, Corporate Facilitator & Awards Host

Philippa Forrester

Philippa is an intelligent and charismatic presenter. She is best known for her experience in live television, most notably Tomorrow’s World – she presented this alongside Peter Snow for seven years and during that time anchored many live specials and outside broadcasts.Live Events for the BBC ...

Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Moderator,Presenter
Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Moderator,Presenter,


Justin Ash, Managing Director

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our On Vision, Health First conference. I thought the ad-lib went very well on stage and you could tell, I am sure, from both the audience reaction ...

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Justin Ash, Managing Director from Lloyds Pharmacy
CWDC Early Years Professional Celebration Ceremony

"I think everyone thought Philippa was really good. She was really down to earth and everyone liked the fact that she related things to how she felt as a mother. She was very professional and I think ...

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CWDC Early Years Professional Celebration Ceremony from Childrens Workforce Development Council

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