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Supply Chain & Business Partner. Change Catalyst. Performance Improver

Miquel Serracanta

Miquel Serracanta has >20-year experience in understanding & improving End-to-End Supply Chains in different markets (FMCG, Retail, e-commerce, Pharma, 3PL…). Hard worker for customers & contacts, Miquel devotes his professional time to develop Supply Chain function towards Excellence. He is a ...

Coaching,Consultancy,Keynote Speaker
Coaching,Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Global Trends SC (Supply Chain): The future is here
2.   Proactive management of SC Changes & Supply Chain Risk Management
3.   The future of logistics profession: Development needs in Supply Chain functions
4.   Key value of networking in Global Supply Chain
5.   Ways to increase maturity of a traditional logistics organization, to compete in the new SC Global
6.   SC Passion for SC successful performance

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