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Marc Lammers

Too often we want to improve our weaknesses, but it might be wiser to train our strong sides for 75 percent and our weak sides for 25 percent. Try it and you will notice that everybody is starting to feel better. That is the point where you start distinguishing yourself from other people. "Marc ...

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1. Winning is done on strengths - Ambitions | Flow | Leadership

It’s not just about scoring goals, but also about the road to get there. How do I motivate my people 5% more than the competitor? How do I make the difference by being one step ahead of them every time?

Just like in top sport, self-awareness of team members is crucial: everyone excels at something. Make individual strengths and weaknesses transparent, empower individuals and benefit as a team. Groups with the greatest diversity are the strongest.

Coaching today is a broad concept: modern techniques are applied and psychologists are called in to achieve progress. It involves a people-oriented approach in which team members are inspired rather than instructed.

Marc Lammers facilitated his team to independently figure out how to fight the competitor. This was not a loss of his coaching role, on the contrary. In his presentation, he discusses the great benefits of this. How do I find and use (individual) qualities?

2. "Without innovations, you will never be a champion"

Standing still is going backwards. Keep developing and innovating to stay ahead of the competitor.

3. The Modern Coach - Coaching is something you do together I innovation

Innovation in sport
Standing still is going backwards. Keep developing and innovating to stay ahead of the competitor.

Coaching is something you do together
Marc’s coaching vision revolves around inspiration, situational leadership and competence management. How do I create a performance climate?

Boundary-breaking teambuilding
Working together towards a goal only works if there is a willingness to push boundaries. Marc proved this (among other things) with the golden field hockey ladies: a very diverse group of 18 players and 8 coaches, functioning as one.

Other presentation themes around the modern coach could be: ambition, communication, goals, leadership and looking for details.

4. Where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity - Not changing is standing still

As former national coach of the golden field hockey ladies, Marc Lammers draws parallels between top sport and business: how do I distinguish myself (in difficult times)?

The conditions during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing were intense: heat, smog and humidity levels above 90%. According to many a crisis: how on earth can you perform in this ridiculous sports climate?

Marc thought differently, Marc saw opportunities. It was precisely under these extreme conditions that his team was able to distinguish itself: by using (among other things) ice baths, cooling vests, oxygen masks and infusions, Marc Lammers turned the crisis into an opportunity.

His field hockey ladies recovered faster and were therefore considerably fitter than their competition in Beijng. In the final they defeated the host China, resulting in Olympic Gold.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had. Why wait for better times when you can create them yourself?

5.   "From change to improvement"
6. "From Feedback to Feedforward"

Often feedback gets bogged down in unhelpful criticism or endless discussions about things that have long since lost their influence. Feed forward looks at the possibilities based on the key question: What can be improved tomorrow?

7.   "Data measures the process, the scoreboard measures the result"
8. Customized work

Every organization is different; colleagues, customers, suppliers, associations or boards. Each team member has a personal goal, but certainly also a common ambition. Together, we look for the qualities of the team and look for the opportunities that will ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition.


Self management in sports and business

Self management in sports and business


Anna Alù, Director Development & Events

First of all let me tell you that Marc's speech was a hit at our congress. He got the longest applause and kept the audience on its chair for the full hour. The room was packed and not only the Dutch ...

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Anna Alù, Director Development & Events from Esomar World Research

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