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The Social Media Manager of Tennis

Lisandro Caravaca

On 30th August 2018 Lisandro came to a turning point....

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker

Specialist Subjects

1.  Social media
2.  Blogging
3.  Sports
4.  Marketing
5.  Entrepreneurship
6.  Life motivation
7.  Millennials


"Paying attention to Lisandro means learning"

Paying attention to Lisandro means learning how to earn money with information no matter the size of your project.

Antonio Postigofrom creator of hoystreaming
"Lisandro is a great entrepreneur"

Lisandro is a great entrepreneur, one of those who have a solution for every problem. He doesn’t self-limit his capacity but he gives the best of himself.

Luis David Tobónfrom Dir. Pedagógico en Grupo Advanced Education Colombia
"Lisandro meets the expectations"

Lisandro meets the expectations of what 21st Century young people should be: non-conformism, eager to get rid of ties and prejudice, willingness and action. His knowledge and background enables him...

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Emiliano Perez Ansaldifrom Vital Innova

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