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Digital and data-driven transformations

Kuldip Singh

Kuldip Singh is a business economist, chartered controller, Harvard certified data scientist and non executive director and Board Chair. He is leading large digital and data driven transformations.

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Specialist Subjects

1. Digital transformation: 'disrupt or be disrupted'!

How can digitization help us create new revenue models and ensure that we are not disrupted by new platform-driven parties themselves?

2. Digital transformation the right way: why, what and how?

Successful cases of approach, transformation framework, content components of a transformation program and of course lessons learned and partnership models.

3. Data as a game-changer: from data strategy to AI@Scale

What does a successful data strategy look like? How do we get to its execution and what are key success factors? What capabilities are necessary? How do we partner up intelligently?

4. Sustainability in the Board Room

An example of the 3-hour session is my role as a teacher in Ebbinge’s ‘Supervision New Style’ training course for Commissioners and Supervisors. The module addresses the broad topic of sustainability (inc ESG), outlines the need for action, clarifies sustainable leadership, outlines the various developments and implications of regulation and legislation, and outlines the role of the Board in turning sustainability into a competitive benefit from transformational leadership.



Kuldip Singh is a very high skilled (digital) business transformation leader.

"Kuldip Singh is a very high skilled (digital) business transformation leader. He is analytic and multi-dimensional thinker, inspiring and down to earth if it comes to ...

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Rob Beijleveld from Rob Beijleveld
Where is Kuldip this year? I found your joint session last year the best session of the entire conference

"For the 2018 edition of our annual customer conference in Las Vegas, AWS re:Invent, I was on stage together with Kuldip, him being my customer back then. He delivered the major part of our session ...

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Dirk Fröhner from Amazon Web Services

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