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Political scientist and authority on the Belgium politics

prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

Kris Deschouwer is an Belgium authority on the Belgium politics and Belgium elections. He is often contacted by the Dutch and Belgium media to give his opinion and analysis about the current political events.Kris Deschouwer obtained a Master's (licentiaat) in Sociology and in Political Science at ...

Keynote Speaker


Government & Politics



Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Belgian politics
2.   Belgium political systems
3.   Elections and election systems
4.   Comparative politics
5.   Comparative federalism
6.   Political parties and party systems
7.   Research methods for political science
8.   Political institutions of West European states
9.   Political institutions of the consociational democracies
10.   Multi-level governance in the European Union
11.   The European Union in comparative perspective
12.   History of political thought

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