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Kate Strong

Kate Strong

World champion Trihatlon
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Conscious living through positive change

Fitting into society is expected from us. To display our uniqueness is hard work. Everywhere we turn, we are being pigeonholed and defined by statements such as “she’s a triathlete” – not seeing the bigger picture.

Sometimes we fall into this pattern without thinking, it becomes the norm – the unconscious response to the usual questions we receive, such as “What do you do?”

Why do we choose to settle for one label and relax into a comfort zone? Is there a way to still maintain the status quo yet break the norm?

From an early age, Kate Strong set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

Kate shares how she became World Champion in long-distance triathlon for her age-group in an unbelievable 11 months, simultaneously operating a guest house single-handedly 7 days a week and also backing her decision to walk away from a toxic relationship 6 days before the wedding.

Her unique story is that it’s not unique: There was no dramatic moment that forced her life to change forever. This un-climatic moment is powerful in that in everyday moments, brilliance can be found with the right mindset.

By choosing to live consciously, Kate empowers you to make positive changes in your life and business towards achieving your desired results.

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