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Do not fight chaos and change: Organize with Chaos

Joseph Roevens PhD

Joseph Roevens PhD is an entrepreneurial academic, who researches and lectures about participative forms of management and Change. Hes a tenured professor at NHTV Breda University in the Netherlands...

Keynote Speaker,Workshop

Specialist Subjects

1.  Work in the 21st century: the essential Executive Update
2.  Managing a Flock of Cats: how disruptive HR Management really works
3.  Chaos, Complexity and Change
4.  Essential Change for Luxury Hotel Managers
5.  Essential Change for Facility Managers
6.  Cross-Cultural Management as Knowledge Management
7.  The 4th P… Planet, People, Profit and Panache
8.  The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Students/Business Associates
9.  Strategic Change based on Chaos & Complexity
10.  How is taking the fast-lane to self-management
11.  What can we learn from Ricardo Semler's 30 years experience with participation?
12.  Why we should love the management classics: Marcus Aurelius, Maslow, Herzberg, Taylor et al
13.  What can we learn from this generation University students about motivation and HRM?
14.  Self-appreciation is a better lever for good habits than motivation
15.  Talk like TEDx: 12 dynamic public speaking tips

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