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Do not fight chaos and change: Organize with Chaos

Joseph Roevens PhD

Joseph Roevens PhD is an entrepreneurial academic, who researches and lectures about participative forms of management and Change.

Keynote Speaker,Workshop
Keynote Speaker,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Work in the 21st century: the essential Executive Update
2.   Managing a Flock of Cats: how disruptive HR Management really works
3.   Chaos, Complexity and Change
4.   Essential Change for Luxury Hotel Managers
5.   Essential Change for Facility Managers
6.   Cross-Cultural Management as Knowledge Management
7.   The 4th P… Planet, People, Profit and Panache
8.   The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Students/Business Associates
9.   Strategic Change based on Chaos & Complexity
10.   How is taking the fast-lane to self-management
11.   What can we learn from Ricardo Semler's 30 years experience with participation?
12.   Why we should love the management classics: Marcus Aurelius, Maslow, Herzberg, Taylor et al
13.   What can we learn from this generation University students about motivation and HRM?
14.   Self-appreciation is a better lever for good habits than motivation
15.   Talk like TEDx: 12 dynamic public speaking tips

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