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world-recognized speaker on global business, competitive strategies, and the latest economic trends

John Manzella

John Manzella is a world-recognized author and speaker on global business, competitive strategies, and the latest economic trends. His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world's largest corporations and associations preparing for the business, economic ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   International Business
2.   Global Economics
3.   Business trends
4.   Business Growth
5.   Employees/Workforce
6.   Economy


Catherine Dumont

“John is an extremely insightful and dynamic speaker. He eloquently provided his thought leadership around current economic and global trends in a way that truly resonated with the audience. It was ...

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Catherine from High Tech Marketing Manager Northeast District, UPS
Carig Addington

“We have scheduled John to present to several of our clients. He provides useful, intelligent and insightful economic and policy information. And it’s delivered in a way that shows the impact to ...

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Carig from Senior Vice President, Thomas Associates, Inc.
Hampton Dowling

“John has a rare gift; that of converting complexities of today's dramatically changing world economy into digestible parts the business audience can understand—and apply. As Chair of Virginia's ...

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Hampton from Managing Partner, The HCB Group, LLC
Tricia Gabberty

“John's recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to ...

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Tricia from Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Marketing, North America, HSBC Bank
Peter Mack

“John Manzella has been providing great information and insights on global trends to our employees and customers. One hundred percent of attendees rated his sessions "Excellent" (79%) or "Very ...

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Peter from Senior Vice President, Director of International Banking, Fifth Third Bank

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