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Professor at ESCP-Europe and at CFVG (Centre Franco-Vietnamien de formation à la Gestion)

Jean-Marie Ducreux

Jean-Marie Ducreux has worked in France, in the USA and in Japan , initially with the Boston Consulting Group then with Seagram as a marketing manager for worldwide brands ; later as the CEO of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) French subsidiary also in charge of the paint division in Continental ...


Specialist Subjects

1.   Europe is the continent of tomorrow
2.   The bipolarization of the markets
3.   Breaking down the traditional business models
4.   Market intelligence (research methods and information analysis; segmentation approach)
5.   Strategic marketing (life cycle issues; long term positioning)
6.   Marketing operations (creating the best offer; new product development; pricing policies; customer management, distribution and CRM; communication above and below the line; industrial selling)
7.   Impact of the Internet on consumer and industrial marketing issues
8.   Marketing deployment (marketing plan, execution, performance monitoring, control and the feedback loop)
9.   Basics of strategy (experience, competitive position and growth)
10.   Inductive analysis (mega-trends, deconstruction, Web 2.0)
11.   Deductive analysis (portfolio and strategic segmentation)
12.   Strategic vision, values, positioning, bipolarization phenomenon
13.   Internal growth, innovation and market development
14.   External growth (partnership, alliances and M&A)
15.   Resources allocation (financial strategy; competencies optimization)
16.   Strategy implementation, performance monitoring, KPI
17.   Change management (human capital models; identification of individual and collective obstacles and levers to change; transformation programs)
18.   Change in a PMI or in an IS context
19.   Competencies analysis (macro-competencies vs technical competencies)

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