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The Compassionate Leader

Jan Vermeiren

Jan Vermeiren is the founder of The Compassionate Leader and according to HR Tribune one of Belgium’s top 10 speakers.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Compassionate Leadership

How Compassionate Leadership will improve your bottom line.

2.   The secret key to thrive in a VUCA world: compassion
3.   Want a happy and profitable team/organization? Try Compassionate Leadership
4. Artificial Intelligence

The missing key for a bright future for AI: compassion.

5.   The blocks that prevent the natural growth to compassionate leadership (and how to transform them).
6.   Compassionate leadership in action: the 5 languages of support in the workplace
7.   The 3 stages to becoming a compassionate leader


How to really use Linkedin

How to really use Linkedin

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